Trump is a serious task, because the president can not be .

February 17, 2016 Donald Trump have also expressed controversial views against Obama in the past Presided over a 'serious work' because US President Barack Obama could become president of that country, Donald Trump. Barack Obama said: "I am convinced that he will not become president of Trump and because I have great confidence that the American public." Donald Trump is a billionaire entrepreneur and he currently leads the race to become the presidential candidate of the Republican Party. He recently won the New Hampshire Caucus delivered while in South Carolina, where he will vote Saturday, get them a clear edge in the electoral polls. Barack Obama responded to a question on the ASEAN economic summit in California express views about Donald Trump. He said that voters will not pick them because they know that the president be a serious work. " Image copyright Reuters Image caption Trump are at the forefront in the race to become the Republican Party's presidential candidate "This is not hosted a talk show and ryyylyty hundred or marketing job Barack Obama said. It is hard not to be done in a day news. " The statement said Donald Trump commented that destroyed the country which it considers appreciated by a president. Donald Trump himself had also been expressed controversial views against Obama in the past and they also ask for evidence, they were born in the United States. Trump campaign has been in the news constantly because of his controversial slogans and statements. During the campaign Trump expulsions of a million illegal immigrants in the country , the cost of construction of the wall on Mexico's southern border and a ban on Muslims entering the country have similar controversial statements. US state of New Hampshire in the competition to choose the Democratic and Republican party presidential candidate has won, respectively Senator Bernie Sanders and billionaire businessman Donald Trump. According to local time at most polling places had ended at seven o'clock in the evening on Tuesday (12 midnight GMT) and final results are expected in the next few hours. Other US state where votes were cast to select the presidential candidate of New Hampshire, Iowa. The two candidates in Iowa had suffered defeat. However, aspiring to become the first Democrat Party candidate Sanders managed to defeat his rival and former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders belong to the neighboring state of New Hampshire and Vermont are predicted Sanders was going to win in this state. Early counting of votes they receive a clear advantage over Clinton. Iowa was also seen intense competition between Bernie and Hillary and Hillary could barely won. Image copyright AFP Image caption Clinton has the support of the Democratic System After a clear sign of victory Bernie Sanders said in a message on Twitter that "we stand with the victory becomes our fate. We won. New Hampshire! Thank you. While acknowledging defeat his opponent Hillary Clinton congratulated Bernie However, he said he would continue to fight to get a vote during the campaign. Democrat candidate for the Republican presidential candidate's choice of selection in relation to Donald Trump for the first time been able to offer public support in the form of votes, but got a tough race. Thanks not only to Trump announced his victory in the New Hampshire voters, but also congratulated the Democrat Bernie Sanders. According to the American media are on gurbr John Cox Ohio kysc second while competing for third place between Bush and Florida Governor pocket Iowa Caucus winner Ted Cruz. Image copyright Getty Image caption presented in this race from the Republican Party billionaire We've increased your chances of winning trump tajrdunld Analysts said that was too much at stake for all candidates nyuhympsayr. Although according to the state's small but initially they will receive further motivation to win here. US support of all States members of his party in the coming months, and then will take part in the presidential election in November that will decide the finalist in the party meeting in July.


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