Published on Feb 14, 2016 His Holiness Younus AlGohar does an in-depth analysis of the Shiite belief system and why Wahhabis declare them to be infidels. Main points: ⁃What constitutes as Biddat and what flaws are there in the Shiite belief system? ⁃Neither Shiites, Ahmadis nor Wahhabis are infidels. Wahhabis are not infidels, however they are blasphemers of Prophet Mohammad and have been rejected by God (Mardoud). ⁃One who rejects God is an infidel while one God has rejected is Mardoud. There's hope for infidels but there's no hope for one rejected by God. An infidel can seek forgiveness from God and may become a Momin (true believer) but a Mardoud (one rejected by God) can never become a Momin. ⁃The tenet of Shiites about Imam Mehdi is incorrect, but they are not infidels. The notion that they are infidels was spread by Wahhabis. The good thing about the Shiites is their respect for the Ahle Bayt (household of Prophet Mohammad). It's incorrectly believed that Ahmadis don't believe Mohammad to be the last prophet. Their tenet's flawed about Imam Mehdi, but they're not infidels either. ⁃After the arrival of Imam Mehdi, those who continue to practise their flawed tenets will be deprived of the spiritual grace of Imam Mehdi. They will be ill-fated, but they won’t be infidels. One who rejects the divine signs, whether he is Sunni, Wahhabi or Ahmadi, will have rejected God. You can watch the live recordings of these videos every day at 22:00 GMT on Can't access this video? Watch it on Daily Motion: Listen to this speech on the go with SoundCloud:


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